Readers of Poppy and Dancer’s blog will know I’m referring to a horse, not a season.

Summer was put out with Abe and Henry yesterday and Henry promptly adopted her and grazed with her most of the day. Abe was with them both this morning and all seemed to be sweetness and light, so that’s a big relief! The old mare seems a gentle, lonely creature for all her grisly scarred eyesocket and if she can carry on going out with Henry when I move Abe to Cairnorchies on Thursday, that’s one less thing for me to feel guilty about.

I’ve agreed with Lynn that we’ll load up Poppy and Dancer first thing, as soon as everyone else is out, and that way we won’t have any time presssure to get Dancer loaded. Lynn will come over with me, in case I need a hand, and I’ll leave them in the barn for the day, with plenty of hay, water and room to move around.

Abe will come in as usual at 3pm and I’ll take him over to Cairnorchies then. He can have his feed when he gets there and will be able to talk to Poppy and Dancer (and vice versa) over the stable door through the night, so they should be getting used to each other nicely by the time it gets dark. In the morning they’ll go out in adjoining paddocks. On Saturday, hopefully, I can then take down the separation fence and they’ll have one paddock between them and get on with forming a nice happy herd together, after which Abe can join the girls in the barn at night.

Fingers crossed….


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