Snow halts play

We had a couple of inches of snow overnight, which meant it took me twice as long as usual to get to the stables today. Lynn didn’t make it in from Fraserburgh at all so Helen had to muck out stables. I actually did Abe’s stable because there’s a leak in the roof over where he likes to stand and snooze, bum to the door and close up against the wall (maybe he feels safer with something to lean on at need?) so I tossed all the clean straw over the wall into George’s former stable, left the dirty straw and muck piled up for removal and laid a fresh bed for Abe in George’s clean dry box instead. It’ll be Abe’s stable now until we get to the new place.

With the snow on the road, though, and the steep climb into the top car park, I decided it’s not sensible to try and get the car into the top car park to hook to the trailer, and I’m not loading horses into a trailer without the weight of the car attached to the front to hold them down! That means no trailer training for a while.

I’m sure he’ll remember where he’s at with it, though.

He’s getting on with Henry alright and seems to be surviving George’s absence without visible upset, thankfully. Henry tried to push Abe off a pile of hay this morning and got some teeth waved in his direction to remind him of his lowly status, but it was just a token tooth-wave, not a serious attempt to bite.

Instead of trailer work tonight, I gave Abe a nice groom, brushed out his mane and tail and left him head down in his feed bucket contentedly.


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