All the way through!!

It was too perishing cold up here this morning to touch anything metal without gloves, so I didn’t ask the horses to go near the trailer. This evening it was a bit better (though still sub-zero) so all of them had a go.

Abe padded round to the trailer with just a small snort and ears pricked, lined himself up on the ramp nicely and followed me most of the way in, then allowed me to coax him the rest of the way and stood engulfing nuggets for a minute. I took a step back to give him more space and he followed, so I moved round towards the front ramp. He followed me again – and then kept walking, so I walked too!

Hh didn’t leap out of the trailer, just padded calmly down the ramp, and I gave him tons of praise and loads of nuggets, of course…. then he turned his head slightly and let out a huge snort, freezing in place. It took me a moment to spot what had caught his attention – there’s a sort of mini-portakabin by the school and the window was reflecting one of the wind turbines. Abe was locked in place, staring at it.

He did consent to unfreeze and walk round to the back of the trailer again after a moment, but he was clearly distracted and I didn’t want to end on a struggle when he’d been so good, so I patted him and told him he was an idiot, at which he let out a huge snort, and then I took him back to his stable and a bucket of grub.


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